Espresso Mindset Correction


I have always been a great fan of espressos. I just love its smell and taste. I have an expensive espresso maker at home just to indulge myself. I’ve always thought my homemade espressos were good until I was served a cup at my friend’s house. The secret to her triumph over me was a Delonghi espresso maker. Without having to do much persuading, she showed me her sleek and shiny red ICONA ECO 310.R. It had a stainless steel boiler, a self-priming system, a steam-regulating knob and; my personal favorite feature; a cup warmer. I was fascinated by the machine. Although I was in love with espresso, I did not do a very thorough job of checking out all available espresso maker models. I merely chose an expensive one since I thought a high price meant high quality. After looking at my friend’s espresso maker, I changed my mind immediately. I also changed my espresso maker the very next day.

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